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  • Coffee beans from Brazil
  • Chocolate with chilli
  • Cherry jam with rum

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Coffee beans BrazilPink Star

  • 50g, producer social enterprise NATURPARK 12 of the registered association Revenium, employer of people with disabilities
  • Varietal: Santos
  • Processng: natural
  • Taste: Hazelnut and chocolate

What happens when you combine world coffee with Czech professionals and people with disabilities? NATURPAK 12! A roastery in which selected coffee roasted in the Kokořínsko Protected Landscape Area helps much more than just get out of bed in the morning. The basic building block of the emerging success

of the NATURPARK 12 social enterprise is the quality of coffee and its roasting. Coffee beans travel to the Kokořín region from small farmers from all over the world. or the preparation of espresso, roast single-species 100% Arabica from Brazil, Colombia and Central American countries, for filtered coffee, roast beans from East Africa, Ethiopia and Kenya.


Chocolate with chilli

  • 28g, producer CEDROVATKA, social cooperative MANA chocolate
  • Ingredients: Bitter Satongo 72.2%: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla aroma.
  • Fill: chilli

Chocolate to taste! Chocolate candies made with love, wrapped in handmade paper boxes. This is the social enterprise MANA chocolate, which was founded by the social cooperative CEDROVATKA. Cocoa beans are not grown, but they buy the best chocolate and then use it to make the most delicious candies from magic and miracles, at least in the Šluknov foothills. Mastered in detail all the steps of the cooking process, heating and cooling, properly timed movements of the wooden spoon and a smile – these are the ingredients of their products.

Cherry jam with rum

  • 200 g, producer Marmelo s. R. O., Employer of people with disabilites

Just a few kilometers from Kokořín, this new social enterprise produces marmalades and jams without artificial preservatives and dyes.


Producer of the packaging

A-ASKA grafik s.r.o.

It has been offering a wide portfolio of printing services for almost twenty years, with ninety percent of all activities being performed by disabled employees. It has been operating in Brno since 1997 and in combination with modern workshop technologies, in which over 200 professionally trained employees work, it guarantees the highest possible quality of the final product of packaging or printed matter.

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Red bourbon


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red orange, herbs, mango
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