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How is the Coffee Roasted?

Life is too short to drink bad coffee. So, how do we prepare ours at NATURPARK 12?

Green grains are poured into the roaster through the funnel and go to the drum that spins continuously, ensuring evenly roasted grains. When the grains are heated they decrease in size because the water evaporates, and they also darken. After approximately 9 minutes, the first crack comes.
At that moment, the grains reenlarge their volume and the first chemical changes occur. Specifically, starches break down to sugars and to acids and oils are released.

It is important to quickly cool down the coffee grains when they are roasted so that all the chemical processes are finished. They are cooled on screens where the coffee is rummaged by little spinning rakes.

Afterwards, the grains are rested to mature for a few days to stabilise their taste. And when Sabri approves the coffee after it’s cupped as usual, it travels to our e-shop and directly to your table.

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