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Seven Cups Double Espresso? Why not!

Reportedly, coffee is a very popular drink among cyclists. Seven Cups Double Espresso? Why not!

If you treat yourself with coffee (caffeine) before doing sports, your body will reportedly burn calories quicker, therefore you’ll lose weight more quickly. Furthermore, repeated studies confirmed that drinking two cups before any physical activity inhibits muscle pain, so your body will bear a greater burden then and, logically, you’ll improve at a given sporting activity.

Professional cyclists’ coffee culture traces its tradition to the 1930s when Gino Bartali, a Tour de France double and Giro d’Italia three-time winner, was consuming ten or more cups on racing days.

Among Czech cyclists, Roman Kreuziger belongs to record-holders of coffee consumption. In an interview for the iDnes sports column last summer, he even confessed: “I drink three cups for breakfast and four per day. Without sugar as well as milk. They’re alway double espressos, so it’s actually double the amount of the coffees.” Therefore fourteen.

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