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The Soul of the NATURPARK 12 Coffee

The head of production and the main roaster of our social enterprise is Sabri Elogeli who has been running his own Kafe Mělník café for the third year.

The 29 years old barista and coffee aficionado started researching people’s interest in high-quality coffee even six years ago in the small town of Mělník when he was selling filtered coffee at local farmers’ markets.

From IT to Coffee

Little Sabri has been enjoying computers since childhood. He also graduated in information technologies and he worked in web design as well as network management. At the same time, he was also interested in coffee and getting to know more about it. When he tasted good coffee somewhere he tried to figure out why it tasted that way and what made it different.

He was inviting friends at home, which helped him learn about specialty coffee that only accounts for 2% of the worldwide production.
He was educating himself in the field and his community made him think about his own business. He spent some time looking for a location that, however, had to be rebuilt. Kafe Mělník has been running since September 2017.

Through his café and wine, he met food specialist Tomáš Trejbal, currently the NATURPARK 12 social enterprise manager. They cooperated on some charity projects within Mělník,
but both of them longed for more.

Therefore, Sabri Elogeli joined Revenium in 2018 before Christmas. And he started accompanying his knowledge of coffee with the knowledge of technology, chemistry, details of coffee grains, their structure and the roasting process.

And so this is the story of the new brand, specialty and single-origin coffee: NATURPARK 12

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