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We started our coffee-roasting business with roasting coffee grains from three distinct parts of the world – Ethiopia, Brazil, and Guatemala.

We started with Ethiopia because it’s considered the motherland of the Coffea plant and it’s often noted that the word coffee is derived from the Ethiopian province of Kaffa where the Coffea plants are still grown. Ethiopians were initially chewing coffee grains but when the land was burnt and they found out that coffee has a beautiful aroma, they started roasting it. Our Ethiopia coffee is roasted with grains from the Biya Faris washing station, owned by just a couple of farmers. Thanks to this, they can control the quality of the grains in better ways.

We received the Brazilian coffee from the Monte Alegre farm – a giant of Brazilian coffee production. This is a family farm running for four generations in the Sul de Minas area in Minas Gerais. It has been in operation for more than 100 years – and this guarantees us to a great extent that the family members know how to do the job.
Monte Alegre presents a model of technologically developed and sustainable production of high-quality coffee. The production focuses on environmental protection and ensures water recycling, conscious usage of energy, forestation, and fertiliser and liquid-waste management.

The original threesome that started our business is enclosed with the Guatemala Mam coffee hailing from the Huehuetenango region – one of the non-volcanic parts of Guatemala where coffee is grown even in the altitude of 2,000 metres above the sea. The used blend of coffee grains is produced by various small farmers of the Guatemalan northern area. You will discover sweet tones of fruits with an undertone of soft acidity and milk chocolate flavour in this blend that we’ve roasted.

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