Burundi – Ryarunyinya


Variental: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1500–1800 m n. m.
Processng: natural
Region: Ngozi
Taste: Red orange, herbs, mango


Proč naši Burundi provází na etiketě babočka paví oko a veverka obecná? Because they are part of the Kokořínsko Protected Landscape Area, as well as our roastery. Get to know the nature around you with us!

Naturpark 12 has been based on modern principles of social economy since its inception. Coffee is roasted by people with disabilities, whose joy of full-fledged work you will feel in every sip. While we prepare espresso, we roast 100% single-origin Arabica from Brazil, Columbia, and Central American states, we use coffee from East Africa, Ethiopia and Kenya namely, to roast filtered coffee.