Čerstvě pražená výběrová káva
s neobyčejným příběhem

We roast our coffee with Giesen WPG1 and W15A brand roasting machines.

People and organisations behind the roastery

The roastery is being developed under the auspices of the Revenium organisation which has also organised successful projects, such as NEJSEMTABU, Lighthouse, and Inspirante and which aims to universally support work opportunities for people with disabilities and socially disadvantaged people.

Under the project, new workplaces in the village of Kokořín and in the town of Mělník will be built. There will be a roastery, Cold Brew coffee production, and logistic centre. The whole business will run on the principles of social enterprise.

The target group is people with disabilities.

The lead organisation team

  • SABRI ELOGELI – head coffee roaster
  • TOMÁŠ TREJBAL – social enterprise manager
  • HANA POTMĚŠILOVÁ – head of Revenium

About Revenium

We employ more than 50% people with disabilities and offer a wide portfolio of goods and services which were made or provided by real disabled employees of our organisation.

Graphic design, social media management, professional trainings for HR staff, counselling, LIGHTHOUSE collection or NEJSEMTABU collections products, specialty coffee from the NATURPARK 12 social enterprise, advertising at the Inspirante.cz portal, bouquets by the Rozkveteme social enterprise, CSR projects preparation and realisation, and meaningful presents made by the Revenium team and people with disabilities’ skilful hands.